Tom Wilson Loses His Skate Blade, Awkwardly Flops Back To The Bench

Watch Capitals rookie Tom Wilson run into Ryan McDonagh along the boards—or better yet, listen to it. You can hear the metallic ting of Wilson's skate blade coming off. What followed was Wilson's best impression of a beached porpoise. » 5/13/13 10:45am 5/13/13 10:45am

Rosey Grier Knows Your Needlepoint Needs

This is an actual, real book that came out in 1973: Needlepoint For Men, written by former NFL defensive star Rosie Grier. Flickr has all the photos, and look: You can even buy it on Amazon. » 7/28/05 3:34pm 7/28/05 3:34pm

Players Just Don't Care About Their Balls Anymore

We may have mentioned this before, but back when we were young, untalented, jittery baseball players, we refused to wear a cup. We had a complicated explanation involving positioning and playing catcher, and, in retrospect, it doesn't make much sense. But apparently we're not alone. Slate reports that "kids are just… » 7/22/05 3:44pm 7/22/05 3:44pm