Dutch Goalie Scores Insane Backheel Stoppage Time Equalizer

One of the most fun little moments in a soccer match is a corner kick or free kick with the game almost over, and the attacking team either tied or down a goal. Their towering goalkeeper comes jogging up the field to join the fray, and the ball is pumped into the middle of literally 20 players where chaos reigns. »8/11/15 8:02pm8/11/15 8:02pm

Jozy Altidore Knocked Unconscious, Suffers Back Injury In Scary Sideline Crash

While Clint Dempsey has rightfully earned most of the acclaim among Americans playing pro soccer in Europe this season, striker Jozy Altidore's quietly been having a tremendous year for Dutch Eredivisie team AZ Alkmaar with 18 goals on the campaign, helping to lead his squad to possible Europa League qualification. ( »5/03/12 3:40pm5/03/12 3:40pm

20,000 Screaming Children Watch A Soccer Match

The last time AZ Alkmaar came to town, an Ajax fan attacked their keeper. AZ was pulled off the field, and the Dutch FA later declared the game a wash. Today was the replay, but due to the Netherlands' — and specifically's Ajax's — problems with ultras, the match was supposed to be played in an empty arena. Instead, a… »1/19/12 3:30pm1/19/12 3:30pm