Chiefs' Eric Berry Has Mass In His Chest, Will Get Tested For Lymphoma

Chiefs safety Eric Berry will miss the rest of the season after doctors discovered a mass in the right side of his chest. Berry reportedly complained of chest pain after Thursday's game against the Raiders. The team placed Berry on the non-football injury list, and he'll go to a specialist in Atlanta to be tested for… »11/24/14 5:17pm11/24/14 5:17pm


Eric Berry Explains Everything You Wanted To Know About His Fear Of Horses

After discussing the excessive celebration penalty that the Chiefs were flagged for on Monday Night Football—you know, for celebrating the touchdown that never officially happened—Kansas City safety Eric Berry took a moment to explain to reporters everything there is to know about his longtime case of equinophobia,… »11/14/12 10:45pm11/14/12 10:45pm