Chris Broussard Tries To Explain His Shoddy, Inattentive Reporting

Chronically distracted ESPN reporter Chris Broussard didn't have the best day earlier this month when he bungled reporting on not one but two developments on the NBA free agent front. First, he became the basketball media community's resident Mr. Magoo, turning a blind eye to Deron Williams agreeing to an extension… »7/27/12 9:30am7/27/12 9:30am

Congratulations, You Are Chris Broussard's Source

Perpetual late-comer Chris Broussard hasn't had a good evening with his "sources." Earlier this evening, he was comically slow on the news that Deron Williams had re-upped with the Brooklyn Nets to the tune of five years and $100 million. How did we know Williams had agreed to stay with the Nets? Williams tweeted it… »7/03/12 11:20pm7/03/12 11:20pm