Noted Horndog Erik Kuselias Has Been Reassigned From His Golf Channel Show

Erik Kuselias, who horndogged his way through ESPN before landing at the Golf Channel (where he horndogged it up again), has been reassigned from his G.C. perch. (After the horndoggery, Kuselias proposed to Golf Channel queen Holly Sonders. They're engaged now.) Kuselias will head elsewhere in the NBC family, to NBC… »5/14/12 1:05pm5/14/12 1:05pm


Erik Kuselias Makes Friends At Golf Channel Just Like He Did At ESPN

According to several folks, former ESPN Horndog extraordinaire Kuselias and "Morning Drive" co-hostess, Holly Sonders, are having an affair which may or may not be illicit, depending up the state of Kuselias' marriage. But the relationship chafed one co-worker enough that they informed us about it (anonymously) after… »3/21/11 7:40pm3/21/11 7:40pm