Important NBA Voices Begin Agitating For A Shorter Season

The book on NBA Commissioner Adam Silver reads that he is an innovator, more open to radical change than expected from somebody whose most salient job responsibility is protecting a multibillion dollar industry. And now that Silver has kicked Donald Sterling to the curb and signed a new media rights deal, he's… »10/16/14 1:28am10/16/14 1:28am


No, A Referee Did Not High-Five Erik Spoelstra During Last Night's Game

I counted more than 500 tweets alleging a referee high-fived Erik Spoelstra after a Mike Miller three-pointer to open the fourth quarter last night. That was only a few minutes afterward, so there've likely been another few hundred since. So let's set the record straight: there was no high-five. The referee (Monty… »6/22/12 9:00am6/22/12 9:00am