Erin Andrews Stalker Planned To Peep On Other Female Sports Reporters

According to the sentencing memorandum, Michael David Barrett had planned on ruining the lives of at least 30 other women — including other female sports reporters and actresses. Also, Andrews is asking for $335,000 in restitution. [TSG] » 2/09/10 4:35pm 2/09/10 4:35pm

Arrest Made In Erin Andrews Peephole Case

The FBI says they have arrested a Chicago-area man and charged him with "interstate stalking" for allegedly filming—and then attempting to sell—the nude video of Erin Andrews. » 10/03/09 12:28am 10/03/09 12:28am

The Futile Hunt For The Source Of The Erin Andrews Peephole Video

Someone broke the law when they sneakily—and creepily—filmed ESPN's Erin Andrews naked in her hotel room and now amateur sleuths are out to catch the culprit and bring him to justice. » 7/20/09 12:50pm 7/20/09 12:50pm

Erin Andrews' Attorney Speaks

Well, the mystery is solved, I guess. Yes, that was Erin Andrews on the video circulating around. Yes, they're pressing charges. The direct quote from the attorney circulating via PR newswire after the jump: » 7/17/09 10:43pm 7/17/09 10:43pm

ESPN Lawyers Try To Smoke Out Creepy Amateur Peephole Videographer…

Yesterday a video posted on the site NSFW POA hinted that a naked blonde woman videotaped through a hotel peephole was a popular sports personality. ESPN lawyers pounced. Maybe we should mention the woman looks like Erin Andrews. » 7/17/09 3:25pm 7/17/09 3:25pm