Ernie Johnson Jokingly Asks Westbrook "How Was The Execution Tonight?"

On Friday night Russell Westbrook raged at the media, refusing to answer questions with anything other than "we executed," and telling one reporter that he flat out didn't like him. After tonight's Thunder win over the Heat, the NBA TV crew conducted an otherwise mundane interview with Westbrook—you can watch the… » 1/21/15 12:35am 1/21/15 12:35am

This Is Your March Madness Day One Open Thread

We're off and running—with a few stumbles. Welcome to your new Bleacher Report-branded NCAA broadcasting regime. Talk about it down here. » 3/21/13 12:14pm 3/21/13 12:14pm

Charles Barkley Just Up And Calls Everyone "Assholes"

After a question of curious taste, Barkley is rendered speechless — no mean feat. Well, he does manage to get out one notable word. » 4/21/10 12:20am 4/21/10 12:20am

Charles Barkley Plays By A Different Set Of Broadcast Rules

Charles Barkley's impromptu, line-crossing NBA analyst technique is what endears him to millions and it continues to amaze me how much he gets away with on-air/off-court without any career-ending consequences. The latest installment: Last night's TNT broadcast where Sir Roundmound calls Kenny Smith "Numb nuts" and… » 5/31/09 12:48pm 5/31/09 12:48pm

Charles Barkley Admits To Dumbassery

Of everyone we've featured in our Media Approval Ratings, the two most popular media members are TNT's Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley. (They've both ahead of Erin Andrews, for cripes sake.) This prank on Barkley, by Johnson, might help explain why. » 5/08/08 10:00am 5/08/08 10:00am