Ian Desmond Is A Special Kind Of Disaster Over At Shortstop

Here are some things Ian Desmond has going for him: he’s been an All-Star; he’s won three consecutive Silver Slugger awards at shortstop, fewer in total than only Barry Larkin (9), Cal Ripken Jr. (8), Alex Rodriguez (7), and Derek Jeter (5); he’s twice been a Gold Glove finalist; he’s the only player in baseball to… »4/23/15 3:56pm4/23/15 3:56pm

11 Sports GIFs That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

It's a tough time to be a sports fan. From the Ray Rice fiasco, to (even more) racism in an NBA front office, to a pervert college athletic director, finding anything positive about the world of sports is a challenge. In an attempt to lift your spirits, we're happy to present you with eleven sports GIFs that will… »9/09/14 11:00am9/09/14 11:00am

The Hilariously Inept Rockies Let A Run Score On A Throw Back To The Mound

With a runner on third in the second inning of this afternoon's game, Jhoulys Chacin got a little too casual snatching at the return throw from his catcher. He deflected the ball into the precise no-man's-land between the mound and second, and Juan Francisco scampered home with Atlanta's first run. The Rockies'… »9/06/12 1:30pm9/06/12 1:30pm

Chipper Jones's Underhanded Throw To The Plate Nearly Lands In The Stands

The ball was flying all over Turner Field last night, what with the Giants and Braves combining for six home runs, including four in extra innings. The Giants eventually won in the 11th thanks to three-run homers by both Brandon Crawford and Gregor Blanco, but they initially took the lead in the 10th when Chipper's… »7/19/12 10:35am7/19/12 10:35am

Lance Berkman Just Committed One Of The Funniest Errors In His Career

Lance Berkman is still in the majors at age 36, and as a member of the National League Cardinals, gets to entertain us in the field on a daily basis. And entertain he did this afternoon in the first inning of St. Louis' tussle with the Milwaukee Brewers, as what should have been the final out of the inning became a… »7/18/12 2:57pm7/18/12 2:57pm

The Ninth Inning Of Today's Mets-Giants Game Was About The Worst Ever

The Mets tried valiantly to lose today's matinee against the Giants, only to have their LOLMets returned twofold. An outfield blunder by Ruben Tejada and Kirk Nieuwenhuis on what should have been the final play of the game in the top of the ninth allowed San Francisco to tie the game, but the Giants (thanks to having… »4/21/12 5:11pm4/21/12 5:11pm

A Very Quick Correction To A Very Dumb Rick Reilly Column

Rick Reilly writes: "Jersey Rule No. 3: You may not wear a jersey if somebody else in your group is already wearing one. This is also known as The Fedora Rule. No two guys in any group can be wearing a fedora. The second man's fedora must be trashed, crushed or sold. You never saw Sinatra and Dean Martin wearing one,… »9/28/11 4:41pm9/28/11 4:41pm