A Day Full Of The Rock On ESPN Classic

We always enjoy ESPN's movie cross promotions, if by "enjoy," you mean "die a little inside." For every move that makes sense — if you're gonna make us sit through "Who's Now?" you might as well have Jessica Biel host it — you have 10 that turn your stomach, like the clips from Johnny Depp movies during Cardinals-Pirates… » 7/27/07 10:40am 7/27/07 10:40am

ESPN Continues To Axe Things You Probably Don't Watch

First, Quite Frankly, and now this. ESPN Classic is ceasing to create and air original programming. Norby Williamson, ESPN's executive vice president, let the ESPN Classic people know on Friday that they were being reassigned. ESPN Classic will continue on as a network for the time being, sans original programming, but … » 1/14/07 6:45pm 1/14/07 6:45pm