What ESPN Won't Let Player X Say: Prenups, Popping Asses, And Watching…

ESPN The Magazine runs a regular feature called Player X, in which a current athlete writes anonymously on a pressing issue affecting his sport. A couple of issues ago, the mystery NBA player tackled the topic of infidelity among pro athletes. What ran in the magazine was polished, snappy...and unenlightening. But we… » 2/24/11 3:30pm 2/24/11 3:30pm

So Here's Something Scary: ESPN Has A Fashion Editor

ESPN: The Magazine is turning 10 years old, which means pretty soon it's going to start noticing girls and getting funny feelings in its pants. To celebrate, it's doing a series of covers with athletes all dolled up in fancy clothes. And that's just the beginning. » 3/13/08 4:10pm 3/13/08 4:10pm