Prince Fielder's Naked ESPN Cover Is Sexy As Hell

One of the most beloved tropes in sports lore is the Triumph of the Unexpected Body. When I think about those stories, I think about cheering on Muggsy Bogues from my friend's living room when I was eight or nine. I knew nothing about basketball, but seeing that small man dart around the court alongside NBA giants… » 7/10/14 4:46pm 7/10/14 4:46pm

How ESPN's Body Issue Hides The Naughty Bits

It's time once again for ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue, with which you furiously masturbate to Prince Fielder while telling yourself you're just admiring his athleticism. But they sure don't make it easy, obstructing the various pudenda and (female) nipples. Which is an art and a science in itself. » 7/08/14 11:17am 7/08/14 11:17am

Infographic: Where Is ESPN The Magazine Hiding Athletes’ Naughty Bits?

The 2013 Body Issue of ESPN The Magazine hit newsstands last Friday, managing its typical trick of publishing sultry near-nudes while simultaneously patting the reader on the back for admiring the athletic form (just like the ancient Greeks!). » 7/16/13 1:00pm 7/16/13 1:00pm

Homemade Infographic: Where Are ESPN's Naked Jocks Hiding And Tucking…

The conceptual problem with ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue leads directly into the practical problem with it. Conceptually, as soon as you strip off the athletes' clothing to call more attention to their forms, you diminish the function that's supposed be integral to those forms, and you call attention to the mere… » 10/07/11 8:15am 10/07/11 8:15am

CORRECTION: It's Hope Solo Butt-Naked Watering The Lawn In ESPN The…

Whoops. In a previous post, Deadspin misidentified U.S. soccer goalie Hope Solo as either Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews or his brother, Casey, back-up linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles. Thanks to the many, many readers who helped us solve this mystery. Here are some emails we received from those… » 10/05/11 3:24pm 10/05/11 3:24pm

Here's Clay Matthews In The ESPN Nudie Issue Butt-Naked Watering The…

I think that's Clay Matthews. Some people over here at the office think it could also be his brother Casey. But if any of you sharp-eyed readers can help us positively identify this person send it along to The winner gets a prize from our desk. [ESPN Nudie Issue] » 10/05/11 2:45pm 10/05/11 2:45pm

Hope Solo And Friends Grace The Covers Of ESPN The Magazine's Nudie…

ESPN The Magazine debuted its annual Body Issue today. Good news, aspiring suitors: Hope Solo is on one of the four covers, in some kind of warrior yoga pose—one that is, of course, intended as "a celebration and exploration of the athletic form." » 10/05/11 12:35pm 10/05/11 12:35pm