Some Sports Fans Upset ESPN Is Airing Video Game Tournaments

This weekend, ESPN2 aired a preview for the grand finals of Dota 2's The International, the 10 million-dollar tournament for the very popular video game. The move is kind of a big deal—arguably, it grants competitive gaming more mainstream legitimacy. But not everyone was happy to see Dota 2 on ESPN. »7/21/14 11:51am7/21/14 11:51am

"We Could Be King," a documentary on newly merged and severely underfunded Philly public s

"We Could Be King," a documentary on newly merged and severely underfunded Philly public school MLK High's football season got a standing ovation at the Tribeca Film Festival last night. The film will show on ESPN2 this Saturday. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here. [NewsWorks] »4/24/14 3:43pm4/24/14 3:43pm

Rob Parker's "Cornball Brother" Comment Is Still A Big Headache For ESPN

Well, actually, the Rob Parker cornball comment became a big headache for the CEO of ESPN's parent company, Disney. At a Disney shareholders meeting yesterday, one guy representing a conservative group, the National Center for Public Policy Research, used Parker's comment to demonstrate that ESPN is totally in the… »3/07/13 11:50am3/07/13 11:50am

Stephen A. Smith Says "Nigga, Please" On ESPN2, And Everyone Gets Stupid In Response

On Thursday morning's First Take, Stephen A. Smith expressed his disbelief that Kobe Bryant would miss time with an injury by saying "nigga, please." This was not a thing he should have said on TV, yet he did. It was barely noticeable, but at least one person noticed, uploaded the video, and certain folks began… »10/26/12 12:35pm10/26/12 12:35pm

This At-Bat Captures The Sublime Ridiculousness Of Men's Slow-Pitch Softball

Literally dozens of people came out to ASA Hall of Fame Stadium tonight in Oklahoma City to see the USA Futures defeat the USA National Team in a 38-37 win, decided on a tag out at the plate on the final play. However, the first two outs of the inning came when two players hit home runs, actual fair balls over the… »6/27/12 10:35pm6/27/12 10:35pm