"Uncle Nate" Auctioned Off A Rolex Johnny Manziel Gave Him

You do remember "Uncle Nate" Fitch, don't you? Johnny Manziel's bro/assistant/hanger-on, who allegedly arranged Manziel autograph sessions with memorabilia dealers that got the QB suspended for half of a game? Manziel's doing all right for himself now, and apparently so too is Uncle Nate. » 8/07/14 1:44pm 8/07/14 1:44pm

Wife Of Ravens Player Ponders Drake, Michael Sam, And Hitler

Lauren Cox is married to Ravens long snapper Morgan Cox, and she maintains a personal blog where she shares her thoughts on all manner of topics. This isn't something that is really worth pointing out under normal circumstances, but she just wrote something about Drake's "Side Pieces" ESPYs performance and how it… » 7/18/14 10:38am 7/18/14 10:38am

ESPYs Social Media Reporter's Segment Falls Apart, For Some Reason

ESPYs social media correspondent Deanna Kay did not get through her segment last night due to some unknown cause that was either a faulty teleprompter or the wrath of an angry God who had had it up to here with this people-reading-tweets-on-TV shit. » 7/17/14 3:11pm 7/17/14 3:11pm

Drake's Donald Sterling Rap Provided The ESPYs' Most Awkward Moment

Because the ESPYs are a celebration of ESPN's ability to celebrate celebrities, and exist in their own state of acute unreality, it's always fun when the real world—the one ESPN's reporters cover, often aggressively—decides to intrude. In 1998, it arrived in the form of Norm Macdonald lighting the whole room on fire… » 7/17/14 12:00pm 7/17/14 12:00pm

Here's Stuart Scott's Moving Speech From The ESPYS

Stuart Scott was given the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at tonight's ESPYS and gave a speech reminiscent of the award's namesake. Among other topics, Scott described his recent hospitalization in grim detail and spoke about the nature of "beating" cancer. » 7/17/14 1:40am 7/17/14 1:40am

Drake Serenades Side Pieces With Brian McKnight, Takes On Donald…

So, the ESPYS took kind of a dark turn tonight. It started off innocently enough with Drake performing a medley interlude, starting with a song about the athletes who have never won anything—taking playful jabs at Dan Marino, Danica Patrick, and others—and then he started singing about side pieces. And then Brian… » 7/16/14 10:39pm 7/16/14 10:39pm

Drake Blowing In Lance Stephenson's Ear

This is Drake blowing in Lance Stephenson's ear. Chances are, this is as good as the ESPYS are going to get. Nevertheless, it was still a funny little bit. Crazy-ass Lance is a pretty good sport about his crazy-assness. Look at the Rock, so tastefully amused. » 7/16/14 9:41pm 7/16/14 9:41pm

ESPN's July Ratings Are Down, Too

This is starting to feel like a thing. ESPN's ratings were down in the first half of the year—alarmingly so in the spring—which prompted ESPN's PR machine to swing back hard, labeling the drop a bizarre fluke, an aberration. Well, July numbers are in and ...
» 7/30/13 4:46pm 7/30/13 4:46pm

Now Accepting Nominations For The Deadspy Awards, Our Anti-ESPYs

If ESPN can spend the worst sports week of the year staging a monstrously wasteful and self-indulgent awards ceremony, we at Deadspin figured ... hey, why not us, too? Introducing the Deadspy Awards, our suitably half-assed anti-ESPYs. For every meaningless ESPY, there will be a corresponding anti-ESPY. A Golden… » 7/19/13 12:09pm 7/19/13 12:09pm

A.J. McCarron Scoreboards Johnny Manziel

The tweet has, naturally, been deleted already but here it lives for eternity. McCarron, it turns out, was also Manziel's roommate at the infamous Manning camp where the Heisman winner was sent home for being hungover or a heavy sleeper or whatever. » 7/17/13 9:49pm 7/17/13 9:49pm

ESPN Aired DeAndre Jordan's "Jon Hamm Has A Big Dick" Joke

If you weren't aware, Mad Men star (and tonight's ESPYs host) Jon Hamm is alleged to be well-endowed. DeAndre Jordan cracked a joke about Hamm's man meat, and ESPN aired it. » 7/17/13 7:52pm 7/17/13 7:52pm

Every Hilarious Reaction Shot From Norm Macdonald's ESPYs Monologue

Every year ESPN drags out the three-hour press release that is the ESPYs and every year we post the above video of Norm Macdonald's monologue from the 1998 ESPYs. This was the sixth annual ESPY awards, which means it took a scant six years for the ESPYs to become as self-serious and pathetic as the Oscars have… » 7/17/13 6:43pm 7/17/13 6:43pm

The Meaning Of Convicted Rapist Mike Tyson's New Cartoon

Twenty years ago The Ring magazine asked the question, after Mike Tyson's rape conviction, "What If Mike Tyson Had Never Gone To Jail?" The cover story posed a counterfactual in which Tyson did not receive a guilty verdict on his 1991 indictment for rape, confinement and criminal deviant conduct. » 5/11/13 1:00pm 5/11/13 1:00pm

Jim Valvano Gave His Moving ESPYs Speech 20 Years Ago Today

Jim Valvano's famous ESPYs speech was 20 years ago today. Valvano had bone cancer and it was unclear if he would even have the energy to appear at the ESPYs. This is what former ESPN executive John Lack said about it in Those Guys Have All The Fun: » 3/04/13 12:15pm 3/04/13 12:15pm

Lynn Hoppes Fails To Copy Quote

Last night, Pat Summitt received the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage at the ESPYs. Our hero Lynn Hoppes was on the scene, dutifully transcribing every detail as ESPN Playbook's lead entertainment reporter. » 7/12/12 6:22pm 7/12/12 6:22pm

The ESPYs Nokia PreParty Is Awesome, But Its Publicist Is Sort Of Lazy

All your favorite athletes are chillin' at the ESPYs Nokia PreParty. I hear it's awesome. Almost as awesome as this social media PR fail. First, an accidental DeSean Jackson tweet, and then a flurry of other athletes tweeting that precise line. Most of them, at least, remembered to take out the publicist's note. [USA… » 7/11/12 6:20pm 7/11/12 6:20pm

Tim Tebow Would Like A Stylist Who Doesn't Swear, Please

The ESPYs are Wednesday, and you just might watch it because there are literally no other sports going on. Everyone's favorite projection Tim Tebow is in L.A. for the awards, but first he had to get his hair did. According to Celebuzz, Tebow stopped into a Beverly Hills salon over the weekend and had one request: » 7/09/12 5:15pm 7/09/12 5:15pm

Rejoice: ESPYs Ratings Hit Their Lowest Point In Sixteen Years

We wrote this morning about the brewing anti-ESPN revolution the "Free Bruce" campaign exposed. No longer was ESPN everyone's mostly benevolent overlord—now it was the Soviet Central Committee, purging ne'er-do-well reporters wherever they might pop up. » 7/16/11 5:00pm 7/16/11 5:00pm