The Spanish Nation Army

“I’m gonna fight ‘em off

A seven nation army couldn't hold me back

They’re gonna rip it off

Taking their time right behind my back” – The White Stripes, “Seven Nation Army.”
» 6/30/08 10:00am 6/30/08 10:00am

Spanish Bombs

“Spanish bombs, yo te quiero infinito
yo te quiero oh mi corazón
Spanish bombs, yo te quiero infinito
yo te quiero oh mi corazón” – “Spanish Bombs”, The Clash
» 6/27/08 10:40am 6/27/08 10:40am

Is There Any Way Turkey Pulls Off The Upset?

Forgive me if my memory from that night in Frankfurt, Germany two years ago is a little hazy. It definitely included conversations with members of Germany’s Stampede Wrestling Federation. And yes, the Gypsy Kings, “Volare” blared over the speakers on repeat. There may or may not have been an appearance on Argentina… » 6/25/08 10:00am 6/25/08 10:00am

They Sure Know How To Celebrate A Win In Russia

You think Boston fans were out of control after the Celtics won the NBA Finals? (OK, maybe they weren't.) Regardless, nobody has anything on the Russians. » 6/24/08 3:30pm 6/24/08 3:30pm

Rediscovering Those Italiana Roots

“Forza Italia.” That’s the homemade sign I made with magic markers and posted outside my house before the 1994 World Cup Final between Italy and Brasil. » 6/18/08 11:40am 6/18/08 11:40am

Even Soccer Haters Would Love This One

“When I have to watch that pile of eight tapes over there for Dwayne Richards' two-day Nibbler performance, that's 48 straight hours of paying attention and making sure he's doing everything correctly.” – Robet Mruczek, ‘The King of Kong’ » 6/16/08 12:35pm 6/16/08 12:35pm

Croatians Party Like Rock Stars

I am your main man if you're looking for trouble
I'll take no lip 'cause no ones tougher than me
If I kicked your face you'd soon be seeing double
Hey little girl, keep your hands off me 'cause I'm a rocker – Thin Lizzy, ‘The Rocker’
» 6/13/08 11:40am 6/13/08 11:40am

Rough Day For The French And The Italians

In the year 2008 there a few things an American sports fan takes for granted. Games on the television. Beer advertisements portraying males aged 21-35 willing to run through brick walls and or set themselves on fire in order to procure a lite beer, which could be procured at any gas station. A couch. » 6/10/08 10:00am 6/10/08 10:00am

Your Euro 2008 Preview

We have lost Mr. Hirshey to the four-letter crew over in Bristol, but that doesn't mean we're gonna ignore soccer around here. Heck, that Euro 2008 business starts tomorrow — go England! Oh, wait — and we've got your back. Mike Cardillo of the great That's On Point will be with you throughout the tournament, and he… » 6/06/08 2:20pm 6/06/08 2:20pm