Spain vs. Germany: Second Half

Fernando Torres is owning shit so far and Spain could be running away with this thing if Torres' first big opportunity didn't go off the goalpost. Jens Lehmann looks overmatched, which is a shocker, and right now Germany's best chances are coming on ticky tack free kicks. » 6/29/08 3:45pm 6/29/08 3:45pm

Spain vs. Germany: First Half

It looks like German captain Michael Ballack is going to be playing after all, thought most of the pundits have him pegged at about 75 percent at best. David Villa remains out for Spain, which means Cesc Fabregas will probably have to come up big like he did against Russia for the Spaniards to capture their first… » 6/29/08 2:25pm 6/29/08 2:25pm