Sorry, Mario Balotelli Didn't Really Make This German Fan Cry: How TV Lied To You During Euro 2012

In the 36th minute of the Euro 2012 semifinal, Mario Balotelli scored his second goal, a screamer to the top right corner. Balotelli ripped off his jersey and flexed, and the telecast cut to a woman in the stands, a German flag painted on her cheek, a single tear leaking from her eye. »7/03/12 3:45pm7/03/12 3:45pm

A Final Moment Of Sportsmanship At Euro 2012, As Spanish Goalkeeper Asks Ref To Mercifully End Blowout

For a tournament that began with more than its fair share of racism and fan violence, Euro 2012 ended on a note more in line with the spirit of the game. Already down 2-0, Italy lost its last sub to injury, and conceded another pair of goals with just 10 men. In stoppage time, cameras caught Spanish goalkeeper and… »7/03/12 9:40am7/03/12 9:40am

Balotelli Wasn't The Only Super Mario In Attendance At Yesterday's Euro 2012 Match

It is not a stretch to suggest these gentlemen are actual plumbers, or if they have been in possession of mushrooms at one time or another. We're eagerly anticipating their appearance at Sunday's final; the Italians will need a fire flower or two to get past a tough Spanish defense. (Or one of those POW! blocks.… »6/29/12 9:00am6/29/12 9:00am

Even Italy's A Little Racist Toward Mario Balotelli

This cartoon ran in Sunday's Gazzetta dello Sport, Italy's top-selling sports newspaper. It's Balotelli, fresh off the Azzurri triumph over England, climbing Big Ben. (Fun fact: It's officially "Elizabeth Tower" now.) Yes, Balotelli is playing the part of a giant gorilla, and yes, 90 percent of European soccer racism… »6/27/12 3:10pm6/27/12 3:10pm

Here's How British TV Broadcasters Reacted Live To News Italy Bounced England From Euro 2012

Just in time for the national sports focus's shift to Wimbeldon, England's national team flunked out of Euro 2012. A 4-2 loss on penalties to Italy in last night's quarterfinal match in Kiev was, naturally, the top story of the day, so we decided to drop in various national British networks to see how they covered… »6/25/12 3:45pm6/25/12 3:45pm

If You Are A Journalist, Ukraine's Soccer Coach Will Fight You

Ukraine head coach Oleg Blokhin, who's something of a soccer legend in Russia, really wanted to beat the shit out of some journalists today, after his squad lost 1-0 to England and was eliminated from Euro 2012. What made the day worse for Blokhin was that Ukraine appeared to score in the 63rd minute, but the… »6/19/12 9:20pm6/19/12 9:20pm