Liverpool Just Came Back To Beat Borussia Dortmund In An Insane Goal-Fest

This is the kind of game this was: after Liverpool sealed their monumental comeback with their fourth goal of the evening in the first of four stoppage time minutes, it still felt inevitable that Dortmund would get at least one great chance of their own to equalize and thus progress on to the Europa League semis. This…

Defender Admits Manchester United's Memphis Depay Beat His Ass So Bad He Almost Cried

While virtually unknown striker Marcus Rashford’s unbelievable and hilarious two-goal senior team debut was the biggest story coming out of yesterday’s Manchester United-Midtjylland match, the true star on the day was Memphis Depay. He absolutely obliterated the Midtjylland defense, running up and down and around the…

Right Now, Manchester United Must Rely On Some Unknown Teen To Save Their Season [Update: HE'S FUCKING DOING IT]

In their usually fruitless quest to prove they can still compete with the truly elite clubs in world soccer, Manchester United have apparently decided to challenge Bayern Munich for the title of World’s Most Injured Squad. Just a little while ago, the one bright spot during this season of frustration, Anthony Martial,


Liverpool Shooting Themselves In The Foot By Not Taking Europa League Seriously

Last weekend, Liverpool lost in sorry fashion to Manchester United, their hated foe and rival for one of the Premier League’s all-important top four spots. That result, plus the draw with Arsenal a couple weeks prior, likely shut the door on what in the best of cases would’ve been an unlikely run to Champions League…