Beer Of The Week: Stella Artois, Belgium's Allegedly French Beer

Apparently Stella Artois used to be advertised in the U.K. under the slogan "reassuringly expensive." Without knowing the relative merits of price and quality across the pond, I can only rejoice that such a snotty tagline has gone the way of doctors prescribing cigarettes. There is nothing reassuring about steep price… »11/17/12 9:55pm11/17/12 9:55pm

Euro Golf Fan At Medinah Celebrates Ryder Cup Win So Hard His Tooth Flies Out On Live TV

Yesterday's Ryder Cup meltdown at Medinah—already the fodder for Taiwanese animation mockery—prompted rowdy European fans to go crazy in their celebration of what the British press is already calling one of the great sports comebacks in history. We don't blame the Euros for getting excited, but we do hope this man… »10/01/12 3:35pm10/01/12 3:35pm

Ricky Rubio Of The Habsburg Empire: Picturing The NBA's Europe Through Geopolitical History

Saturday in Vienna, the remains of Otto von Habsburg — would-be Emperor of Austria, Apostolic King of Hungary, (presumably non-apostolic) King of Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, and Galicia, Lodomeria, and Illyria, and so on, had all those jobs not been downsized when he was two years old — were entombed, in two… »7/19/11 1:40pm7/19/11 1:40pm