Brian Scalabrine Is His Team's Second-Leading Scorer In Italy

Brian Scalabrine is one of those NBA players that we all delight in calling a "role player," even if his role was never particularly valuable. In Boston, his role was to occasionally come in to fall on a loose ball and get praised for his hustle, but mostly it was to delight all of the white kids from Southie who… » 10/25/11 2:45pm 10/25/11 2:45pm

When European Basketball Fans Get Excited, They Light Their Stadiums On Fire

Here we were thinking VCU fans were having "riots" last week, but they're nothing compared to Panathinaikos BC fans. In this European basketball game last Thursday against Barcelona, Greek basketball fans torched their own stadium. Yes, what you see above is a basketball game — not a race riot. » 4/05/11 3:20pm 4/05/11 3:20pm

Spanish Announcer Goes Loco After Amazing Final 30 Seconds To Euroleague Basketball Game

We could attempt to recap the final 30 seconds of this Euroleague game between Real Madrid FC and Unicaja Malaga on Saturday, but we wouldn't really know where to begin. It's much better, we think, to listen to this Spanish sportscaster's telling of the epic finish, even if you can't understand him. To summarize: it… » 3/21/11 4:35pm 3/21/11 4:35pm

Former Arizona Wildcats Get Punchy In Europe

Have you heard the one about how in Russia they do things in the opposite way that you would expect them to happen elsewhere? It's a hilarious gag! It might also be the explanation for what went wrong in this Russian basketball game. A minor melee broke out, there was some slight pushing and shoving, then everyone… » 11/14/08 12:45pm 11/14/08 12:45pm