Jose Fernandez Teases Evan Longoria After Giving Up A Home Run

Consider this friendly exchange between Jose Fernandez and Evan Longoria a change of pace from Jonathan Papelbon’s Fightin’ Around The League tour. The Rays third baseman absolutely socked an offering from the Marlins pitcher in the first inning of Thursday’s game, and in the next inning, Fernandez joked about it. »10/02/15 12:58pm10/02/15 12:58pm


Evan Longoria Didn't Really Make This Life-Saving Catch

If you're willing to believe this video is real, "Gillette Young Gun" Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays saved a lady reporter from getting her brains knocked out of her right ear, with four perfectly framed "Gillette" signs in the background. But you don't believe this video is real, do you? Good. Because there's… »5/15/11 11:30am5/15/11 11:30am

Evan Longoria's Not Making a Lot of Amigos at ESPNDeportes

Nice catch by Shysterball »10/13/08 1:45pm10/13/08 1:45pm, about a minor controversy from Evan Longoria's . It stemmed from this question, where Brown pithily asked who on the team should not sport a Rayhawk: So, not exactly a Joe Biden-like gaffe, but apparently it was enough of an unintentional slight to infuriate the Dominican population and…