Celtics Beat Trail Blazers On Sloppiest Game-Winner Of The Year

Down two to the Trail Blazers with under 10 seconds remaining, the Celtics were relying upon Jared Sullinger to get them a crucial basket. That should tell you all you need to know about how good they are, that Brad Stevens looked up and down his bench for his best option and settled upon Sullinger. The move didn't… »1/23/15 12:49am1/23/15 12:49am

Boston Celtics Sign Evan Turner, Because Not Enough People Hated Them

After a season in which their bottomed-out squad of plucky nobodies occasionally showed admirable spunk under first-year coach Brad Stevens, the Boston Celtics evidently decided they'd had enough of this not-being-hated-by-literally-everyone crap, and went out and signed ball-pounding avatar of hopelessness Evan… »7/21/14 6:35pm7/21/14 6:35pm

Open Thread: Ohio State-WVU, Kansas-Iowa State, Marquette-'Cuse, Longwood-Savannah State, Etc.

Possible topics for discussion: Evan Turner's 19-10-6 line, whether Andy Katz's prose reads like a Swedish-to-English Babelfish translation, Tyshawn Taylor's Facebook profile, the shock of learning that Lawrence Moten is the Big East's all-time leading scorer, the Morrill Land-Grant Acts. »1/23/10 2:00pm1/23/10 2:00pm