Sunderland Smash Up Sorry-Ass Everton To More Or Less End The Premier League Season

So that’s pretty much it, eh? We already have our Premier League championswhose coronation was catered by an exceedingly accommodating Everton team—at the top of the table, and at the bottom we also know which teams are going down, thanks to Sunderland’s victory today, again brought to us by Everton.

Diego Costa Sent Off After Getting Intimate With Gareth Barry (And Maybe Biting Him)

Everton downed Chelsea 2-0 in FA Cup action today, though the real excitement came in the final minutes as Diego Costa earned a red card for intruding on Gareth Barry’s personal space; Barry himself would be sent off minutes later, but let’s not miss the glory of Costa either kissing Barry, trying to give him a…

John Terry Goal In 98th Minute Saves Miracle Point For Chelsea

After Everton took a 3-2 lead over Chelsea in the 90th minute, it looked like the Toffees had their first win at Stamford Bridge since 1994. But it wasn’t to be, as (an offside) John Terry redeemed his earlier own goal and scored in what can only be described as the stoppage time of stoppage time. It had to end this…


Gerard Deulofeu Is Kind Of A Nutcase But I Love Him All The Same

If the whole of Arsenal’s 2-1 win over Everton this weekend left me with any lasting impression, it was that I should give more respect to the Gunners’ budding title charge; they more or less coasted to another three points against formidable opposition, the sort of thing they’ve seemed capable of in recent years but…