ESPN's Dave Pasch Outs Self As Creationist After Receiving Darwin Book

We've noted previously that college basketball games called by Dave Pasch and Bill Walton on ESPN can get especially weird, but we never imagined that it would be Pasch who would lead viewers to ask themselves, "Did he really just say that?" » 1/15/15 11:08pm 1/15/15 11:08pm

ESPN Suspends Keith Law From Twitter For Defending Evolution [UPDATE]

Heavy-tweetin' ESPN baseball writer Keith Law has been noticeably silent for the last couple of days. That's no coincidence—he's been given a Twitter timeout by ESPN, and we're told that it's for loudly and repeatedly defending Charles Darwin from transitional fossil Curt Schilling, his Bristol colleague. » 11/21/14 6:30pm 11/21/14 6:30pm

Kurt Warner Frames Whole NFL Net Segment Around His Creationist Beliefs

Resident NFL Network Jesus freak Kurt Warner decided to tie in his anti-evolution "science" views this morning as part of a way to explain how Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has adapted to NFL defenses. Then he argued with people on Twitter about it. » 11/09/14 12:03pm 11/09/14 12:03pm

Did Male Faces Evolve To Take A Punch?

A controversial new theory claims that many features of the human face are the result of evolved defensive measures against fist fights. » 6/09/14 5:07pm 6/09/14 5:07pm

So Apparently Blake Griffin Is A Young Earth Creationist

There's an interview with Blake Griffin in the latest issue of Rolling Stone that contains one particularly alarming bit of information. It appears that Blake Griffin is a hardcore, Jesus-rode-a-dinosaur-type creationist. » 4/15/14 5:04pm 4/15/14 5:04pm

Study finds bearded men are more attractive, proves my mom wrong

A newly published study out of the University of New South Wales concludes that men and women perceive men with facial hair to be more attractive and better father-material than clean-shaven ones. WHO'S THE DISAPPOINTMENT NOW, MOTHER? » 5/06/13 4:29pm 5/06/13 4:29pm

Usain Bolt Outruns Human Nature

Usain Bolt, as winner of the 100 meter dash, receives the title "the world's fastest man." It carries a mystique unlike any other. Nobody cares about the world's best hammer thrower, or the world's best trampoliner. But running is different. Running speaks to something essential—no tools or equipment needed, nothing… » 8/06/12 4:45pm 8/06/12 4:45pm

Why The NCAA Tournament Is A Metaphor For Human Evolution

The same handful of college basketball teams always seem to do well in March Madness, and the deeper reasons behind that might actually tell us something profound about human evolution. [ io9 » 3/02/11 8:03pm 3/02/11 8:03pm]