Bartolo Colon-O-Meter: Who Will Tell The Children?

Last season, we learned that a fat guy who throws a baseball was much more than a fat guy who throws a baseball—the pitching performances of Bartolo Colon were nothing less than an ongoing assay of the human condition. One bad start against the Toronto Blue Jays was a sign that we live in a world without magic.… » 8/22/12 4:20pm 8/22/12 4:20pm

Bartolo Colon-O-Meter: The End Is The Beginning

It was a frightful beating that gave rise to Deadspin's ongoing search for the meaning of Bartolo Colon—the 38-year-old Yankees starter got knocked out of the first inning against the Blue Jays, surrendering 8 runs (3 earned), an outing so bad it raised questions about the pitcher's very purpose in this world.… » 9/28/11 4:35pm 9/28/11 4:35pm

Sometimes A Baseball Game Is Just A Baseball Game

Baseball as a metaphor for recession and these troubled times? Maybe, maybe not, but reading about baseball players attempting to wax philosophical on the matter is always entertaining. [Vanity Fair] » 4/04/09 12:15pm 4/04/09 12:15pm