Keeping An Eye On CBS's Eye On Sports Stories About Eye Injuries

We haven't exactly lived up to the return challenge to never post anything regarding "death" or "spin" since we pointed out Eye On Baseball's story on Luis Salazar's lost left eye a few weeks ago, but we do feel it is our new duty to keep an eye on the CBS sports blogs' eye injury stories. Today: Manny Malhotra,… »3/29/11 5:45pm3/29/11 5:45pm


CBS Runs A Misguided "Eye On Baseball" Story About Luis Salazar's Lost Left Eye

Luis Salazar, the single-A manager for the Atlanta Braves who was struck by a foul ball and airlifted from the field a week ago, lost his left eye in surgery after the injury. And instead of running this story on the CBS Sports main page, which tactfully does not include the word "eye" in large capital letters, CBS… »3/16/11 1:40pm3/16/11 1:40pm