God Save The Pop Singer Hired To Perform FA Cup Final National Anthem And Didn't

British pop singer Karen Harding had one job before today’s FA Cup Final at Wembley: to sing “God Save The Queen.” It didn’t work out so well for her—having missed her cue, she stood silently for most of the anthem before finally chiming in for the final few words. At least those are the most important, right?

Diego Costa Sent Off After Getting Intimate With Gareth Barry (And Maybe Biting Him)

Everton downed Chelsea 2-0 in FA Cup action today, though the real excitement came in the final minutes as Diego Costa earned a red card for intruding on Gareth Barry’s personal space; Barry himself would be sent off minutes later, but let’s not miss the glory of Costa either kissing Barry, trying to give him a…

Unknown Guys In Liverpool Shirts Draw With Random Lower League Team In FA Cup

Well, it just had to be him, didn’t it. Yes, while Premier League giants Liverpool went 2-1 down to the ... non-giants, I presume, of ... some English league that’s not the Prem in today’s third round FA Cup clash, fans could’ve maybe suspected it would be *frantically scans club’s roster on Wikipedia* Brad Smith—yes,…


Exeter City Take 2-1 Halftime Lead On Liverpool Thanks To Stoppage-Time Olimpico

Lee Holmes delivered a goal direct from a corner during first-half stoppage time to give the fourth-division squad a 2-1 lead over Liverpool headed into the half. It’s a strike that most competent keepers would have punched away, but Liverpool’s Adam Bogdan is having another one of his patented awful appearances.

Ángel Di María Gets Ice Grill, Then Red Card For Grabbing Ref

About a minute before the GIF you see above, referee Michael Oliver gave Manchester United's Ángel Di María a yellow card for an obvious dive. Frustrated and angry, Di María decided to snatch at the back of the ref's shirt, demanding an explanation. That's when Oliver pierces Di María's soul with that icy glare before…

Aston Villa Fans Invade The Pitch As Team Advances To FA Cup Semis

With 90 seconds left in extra time and Aston Villa all but assured of advancing to the semifinals of the FA Cup, Villa fans were hyped! I get that playing in Wembley is exciting especially because you have that song about playing in Wembley, but invading the pitch before the game ends against West Brom when you're…