Ángel Di María Gets Ice Grill, Then Red Card For Grabbing Ref

About a minute before the GIF you see above, referee Michael Oliver gave Manchester United's Ángel Di María a yellow card for an obvious dive. Frustrated and angry, Di María decided to snatch at the back of the ref's shirt, demanding an explanation. That's when Oliver pierces Di María's soul with that icy glare before… » 3/09/15 5:37pm 3/09/15 5:37pm

Aston Villa Fans Invade The Pitch As Team Advances To FA Cup Semis

With 90 seconds left in extra time and Aston Villa all but assured of advancing to the semifinals of the FA Cup, Villa fans were hyped! I get that playing in Wembley is exciting especially because you have that song about playing in Wembley, but invading the pitch before the game ends against West Brom when you're… » 3/07/15 2:52pm 3/07/15 2:52pm

Liverpool Are Back

Man, that formation change really did revitalize their season, didn't it? After idly futzing around with the ball for practically the entire first half of the season, unable to do the one thing they did so well last year—score—Liverpool now are back to booting 'em in every which way. » 2/04/15 6:04pm 2/04/15 6:04pm

Tomáš Rosický Is Arsenal's Irreplaceable Security Blanket

It takes more than the couple dozen legs of Arsenal's preferred starting XI to carry the club towards their annual fourth place finish in the Premier League and deep though ultimately unsuccessful (though not always!) runs in the other major tournaments. Rotation, fatigue, and the handful of crucial injuries that… » 1/27/15 11:14am 1/27/15 11:14am

Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Southampton All Lose In FA Cup

It is time for the wonderful FA Cup, England's storied knockout tournament contested among almost every team in the country, where in theory a Sunday pub team could produce a run of stunning results and win the whole shebang. But if you look at the list of FA Cup winners from the last quarter century or so, you… » 1/24/15 1:09pm 1/24/15 1:09pm

Please God Let Adam Silver Be Serious About An NBA Version Of The FA Cup

NBA commissioner Adam Silver had the integrity to witness for himself the crime against sport that was the Knicks-Bucks game in London yesterday. While Brits probably didn't learn anything useful about our sports by watching the worst of what we have to offer, Silver might've taken something positive from them on… » 1/16/15 2:27pm 1/16/15 2:27pm

The Biggest Dude In The World Just Scored Against Liverpool

They don't make 'em like Adebayo Akinfenwa too often. The man-mountain stands at five-foot-eleven, has to be pushing 200 pounds, and can reportedly bench press damn near 400 pounds. That's how you get a world's-best 97 strength rating in the FIFA games. » 1/05/15 3:55pm 1/05/15 3:55pm

Swansea Give Up Second Hilaribad Goal Of The Week, Now To Max Power

Fresh off this embarrassing performance Monday, Swansea City keepers are continuing their reign of clearance terror today in the FA Cup. This time, it's Gerhard Tremmel who can't get the ball past League Two side Tranmere Rovers midfielder Max Power. Who coaches these keepers? » 1/03/15 12:03pm 1/03/15 12:03pm

Let's Watch Arsenal Fans Celebrate The FA Cup In Extreme Slow Motion

Arsenal took home its first trophy in nine years thanks to Aaron Ramsey drilling home an extra-time winner to put the Gunners past Hull City at Wembley. Victory seemed quite in doubt after Hull took an early 2-0 lead, so you can excuse these Arsenal fans for going quite batty in the moment. » 5/17/14 4:02pm 5/17/14 4:02pm

Screaming English Soccer Fan Is Mesmerizing

Arsenal defeated Liverpool 2-1 yesterday in an exciting FA Cup match that's since served to draw considerable criticism toward referee Howard Webb. The match's intensity wasn't limited to the pitch, though. Watch this Liverpool supporter scream like a banshee for his boys to "come on," but look closer at his… » 2/17/14 11:11am 2/17/14 11:11am

Soccer Team Issues Wonderfully Bitchy Statement Over Pee Allegations

Boreham Wood, in the sixth tier of English soccer, lost an FA Cup heartbreaker on Tuesday night at Carlisle United. Afterward, media accounts and photos showed the visitors' locker room to be a mess, including a tea kettle in a urinal, a broken door, and what was reportedly a puddle of urine on the floor. Boreham Wood… » 11/21/13 5:22pm 11/21/13 5:22pm

Seventh-Tier Soccer Club Provides First-Class Blooter

The FA Cup began with 737 teams from all levels of English soccer, and thank goodness it's all-inclusive because otherwise we wouldn't have seen this 40-yard dagger from Rene Steer of St. Neot's Town in the Southern League. » 10/03/13 1:05pm 10/03/13 1:05pm

Ben Watson's Added-Time Header Delivered Doomed Wigan The FA Cup

Wigan entered today's FA Cup final as 17-2 underdogs, and are facing a major uphill battle to stay in the Premiership. That Ben Watson—a late substitution who broke his leg early this season—scored the winning goal for the Latics makes today's story that much more improbable. » 5/11/13 2:28pm 5/11/13 2:28pm

English Soccer Had A Violent, Cocaine-Fueled, Horse-Punching Weekend

The FA decided not to hold a minute of silence for Margaret Thatcher, fearing it would turn ugly. Instead, fans took it on themselves to recall the bad old days of the 1980s, with full-on brawls with opposing supporters, police, and each other. » 4/15/13 11:00am 4/15/13 11:00am

Demba Ba's Side-Volley Against Manchester City Is One Of The Best…

In the second half of today's FA Cup semifinal match, Chelsea found themselves 2-0 down against Manchester City, and looked to be headed out of the tournament. Chelsea striker Demba Ba chased down a long pass over the top, and looked to be in on goal until the ball bounced off his left leg. Ba then turned 180 degrees… » 4/14/13 12:54pm 4/14/13 12:54pm

FA Cup Semifinal Gets Violent As Millwall Fans Fight Cops, Each Other

Hooliganism became the word on everyone's lips today after an FA Cup semifinal in which the action in the Wembley Stadium stands overshadowed that on the pitch. » 4/13/13 4:13pm 4/13/13 4:13pm

Chelsea Storms Back To Force Manchester United FA Cup Replay; Winner To…

It only took five minutes for Manchester United to draw first blood against their rivals Chelsea in today's quarterfinal FA Cup match. Michael Carrick drove a great ball over the Chelsea defense which found Javier Hernandez's head. Instead of heading it down, as forwards are taught, the Mexican striker lofted the… » 3/10/13 7:59pm 3/10/13 7:59pm