Do Nothing Else Today: Here Is Your 2015 Nürburgring Crash And Fail Round-Up

It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. Of course, I’m not talking about Christmas — it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I’m talking about something way better. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. That’s right: it’s time for everyone to release their annual compilations of Nürburgring crashes. Enjoy! »11/12/15 7:05pm11/12/15 7:05pm


Chinese Commentator Fired For Snoring In Middle Of Champions League Game

The deep and hearty snores you hear are from Chinese commentator Dong Lu during this week’s Real Madrid-PSG Champions League match, and he’s not taking a sly jab at the quality of play. Apparently, Dong really did fall asleep during the game, and his network fired him for it.
»11/06/15 11:29am11/06/15 11:29am

What Happened to the Runner Who Shit Himself During a Half-Marathon?

Years after Swedish distance runner Mikael Ekvall crapped his shorts in the midst of a half-marathon, his photo still shows up on Facebook. You might've seen it with a "fail" caption or a demotivational poster—played-out viral image formats that were de rigueur at the time—or in any number of "world's most… »1/23/15 4:19pm1/23/15 4:19pm

The Big Ten's T-Shirt Cannon Is The Most Pathetic Thing Ever

Reader "Norman Dale" is at tonight's embarrassment of a Big Ten championship game (70-24 Wisconsin last we looked) and if there's any metaphor for a B1G season sapped of the ineligible Ohio State and Penn State, it's this weak T-shirt cannon. Seriously, what is this? Manufacturing used to be a point of Midwestern… »12/01/12 11:37pm12/01/12 11:37pm

Water Polo Coach Celebrates Gold By Jumping Into The Pool, Lands Crotch First On Some Other Dude's Head

The US women's water polo team took gold today, stomping out Spain 8-5. When the game ended, the team and coaching staff linked arms and took a ceremonious plunge into the pool. One of the coaches, who was already a little late to this party, jumped in after them, only to land crotch-first on the head of one of the… »8/09/12 6:57pm8/09/12 6:57pm

Newspaper's HS Softball Season Wrap-Up Includes No Stats, "Due To The Coach's Bullshit And Laziness."

So this is one of those Twitter things, without much backstory. (We saw it here first.) But the team in question is the Rayne (Louisiana) High Lady Wolves, the coach is Deserea Dunn, and the paper is, we think, the Rayne Independent. The Lady Wolves crashed out of the district playoffs last month, so coach has had… »5/17/12 4:45pm5/17/12 4:45pm

Spanish Goalkeeper Allows Four Goals In Six Minutes, Saves Best Fail For Last

Enaut Zubikarai, the goalkeeper for Real Sociedad, had a very terrible Tuesday evening. Playing in the Copa del Rey's round of 16, Zubikarai allowed Mallorca to score six goals in the first 60 minutes, and Real Sociedad lost, 6-1. This particular moment of utter failure was Mallorca's fourth goal in a six-minute… »1/11/12 1:35pm1/11/12 1:35pm

Online Sports Publication Grantland Momentarily Confused By Online Publishing

Well, this is embarrassing. Grantland had two heartening Father's Day stories up yesterday. Alas, the fathers could not read them at The site was down, replaced by a picture of a smiling girl and Prince Harry's neck. From the look of things, the domain name registry had lapsed and hadn't been renewed. A… »6/20/11 10:15am6/20/11 10:15am

Belgian Goalie Forgets How To Throw At The Worst Possible Time, Assists Opponent's Goal

Sammy Bossut, goalkeeper for Zulte-Waregem in the Belgian Pro League, pulled down a corner kick in a match against Lokeren over the weekend and, channeling a certain Giants quarterback, held onto the ball a little too long in his attempt to throw it down-field. Zulte-Waregem lost 2-1. »3/09/11 1:00pm3/09/11 1:00pm