The NFL Tries To Halt The Witch-Hunt For Fake Injuries

As the football pendulum swings back toward offense, one of the oldest tricks in the book has returned to the forefront: defenses faking injuries. The NFL tried to nip this one in the bud, sending out a preseason memo to cut that shit out, but it's backfired and fans and opponents are seeing fakes everywhere, even… » 9/15/13 12:58pm 9/15/13 12:58pm

The Steelers Faked An Injury To Stop The Clock

Midway through the fourth, with the Steelers up a score and on the edge of field goal range, Ben Roethlisberger was sacked. He was banged up, and slow getting back to the huddle, and the Steelers found themselves with a choice—burn a timeout, or take a delay of game penalty. WR Emmanuel Sanders took a third path: He… » 10/22/12 2:05pm 10/22/12 2:05pm