Texas Linebacker Stricken With Sudden, Timely Bout Of Wefuckedupitis

When in doubt, pretend you’re injured. That’s how Edwin Freeman avoided being caught offside by Cal after the Longhorns linebacker started to head toward the sidelines with the Bears lined up to snap the ball on second-and-goal. Per NCAA rules, Texas burned a timeout for the injury anyway; with the ball at the one… »9/19/15 9:52pm9/19/15 9:52pm


The NFL Tries To Halt The Witch-Hunt For Fake Injuries

As the football pendulum swings back toward offense, one of the oldest tricks in the book has returned to the forefront: defenses faking injuries. The NFL tried to nip this one in the bud, sending out a preseason memo to cut that shit out, but it's backfired and fans and opponents are seeing fakes everywhere, even… »9/15/13 12:58pm9/15/13 12:58pm

The Steelers Faked An Injury To Stop The Clock

Midway through the fourth, with the Steelers up a score and on the edge of field goal range, Ben Roethlisberger was sacked. He was banged up, and slow getting back to the huddle, and the Steelers found themselves with a choice—burn a timeout, or take a delay of game penalty. WR Emmanuel Sanders took a third path: He… »10/22/12 2:05pm10/22/12 2:05pm