POV Footage Of Falcons Hunting Is Better Than Most Action Movies

Suzanne Kane, a researcher at Haverford College, found an accurate and thoroughly thrilling method to track a falcon's hunting strategy: strap a camera to the bird and study the results. With the help of some falconers, Kane compiled awesome footage of some falcons taking down prey. Thanks to YouTube, we can watch… »1/16/14 8:26pm1/16/14 8:26pm


Falcons Safety Thomas DeCoud Played The Meow Game During An Interview On SportsCenter

Super Troopers has long been a cultural touchstone for shaggy-haired college dudes who like to watch movies when they're stoned. Spend enough time in any dormitory, and you're bound to hear someone yell, "He's already pulled over, he can't pull over any farther!" and then laugh before taking another bong rip. »9/28/12 2:46pm9/28/12 2:46pm