Italian Soccer Fan Has Hell Of A Time Calming Down His Rowdy Paisani

As the Napoli team bus set off for Turin ahead of tomorrow’s monster Juventus-Napoli showdown, something like 1,000 Neapolitans showed up to see their boys off. Or, more accurately, to block the bus’s path in order to hoot and holler and light flares and gin up the players so that they step out on the pitch as charged…


Borussia Dortmund Fans Protest Ticket Prices By Raining Tennis Balls Onto Pitch

Like Liverpool fans, Borussia Dortmund supporters are also in the midst of a cold war against ticket pricing hikes. The German fans made their feelings perfectly evident yesterday by boycotting the first 20 minutes of the BVB-Stuttgart cup match, then interrupting the game by lobbing a bunch of tennis balls onto the…

Liverpool Fans Leave Anfield In Protest, Liverpool Joins Them By Immediately Giving Up A Pair Of Goals

Liverpool fans planned and executed a 77th minute walkout from today’s game against Sunderland to protest ticket prices getting increases up to £77, and apparently, their team decided to join them in protest, so they laid down and let Sunderland of all teams roar back and tie them 2-2.