Dude Purposely Ruins Mock Baseball Drafts For Our Delight

Last August, we had a laugh when a guy named Stefan picked NFL players like placekicker Aaron Pettrey first overall in mock football drafts, pissing off people who found it inconvenient to exit and join a new mock draft in five minutes. Stefan is back ruining mocks, but this time, he invaded fantasy baseball drafts.… »2/10/14 6:46pm2/10/14 6:46pm


How Clark Olson Beats Everyone Else In Fantasy Everything

The guy who just beat everyone else in America at all the fantasy sports, again, is a computer science professor who is not so much into trades but who is really, really into spreadsheets. Clark Olson, the 2012 winner of ESPN's omnibus Uber Challenge fantasy game, again, tallied the high score across an Olympiad of… »2/16/13 4:15pm2/16/13 4:15pm

This Fantasy Manager Knows Better Than Anyone Else That There Was A No-Hitter Last Night

The way Liriano's season was headed, this wasn't the most foolhardy transaction ever made by a general manager, but it's never wise to dump a pitcher six hours before a start. Also, according to the tipster, this particular roto league has a No-Hitter category. Double dickpunch. (H/T Justin A.) »5/04/11 1:45pm5/04/11 1:45pm

MLB Reminds You That It Owns The Rights To Richie Sexson's Batting Average

Now that Bud Selig has this steroids problem completely under control, he's turning his lawyers loose on the real enemy: Unlicensed fantasy baseball leagues. We eagerly await the first major enforcement incident. We see police shouting instructions into a house through a bullhorn, followed by a paunchy bald guy… »6/15/07 12:45pm6/15/07 12:45pm