Man Seeks Girls To Host Fantasy Football Draft, Possibly While Topless

The cool bro you see above is, according to this Craigslist post, looking for two girls to host his upcoming fantasy football draft. All he needs is a couple of girls to run the draft board, serve the fellas some drinks, and, you know, wear a bikini or some sexy lingerie and maybe even pop those tops off—I mean, no… » 7/30/14 3:52pm 7/30/14 3:52pm

You Can Draft A Fantasy Puppy Bowl Team

We are only a month out from the sporting spectacle of the year: Puppy Bowl X. (The "X" is for eXtreme puppies. Also, "ten.") This year's edition will have a number of new wrinkles, but the biggest game-changer is the ability to play fantasy puppy football. Everything else on Feb. 2 has just been rendered meaningless. » 1/02/14 3:33pm 1/02/14 3:33pm

We've Found The Craziest Fantasy Football Player In The World

Reader Trajan alerts us to the existence of a man who really, really, really likes fantasy football. We don't know his real name, but we do know that he has created a fake radio personality named Mark Callahan, who is the host of the "Mark Callahan Fantasy Football Radio Show," which is a fake radio show dedicated to… » 9/26/13 4:17pm 9/26/13 4:17pm

WWF-Themed Fantasy Football Draft Features Impressive Costumes

On Tuesday, we brought you pictures from a reader who recently held a Game of Thrones-themed fantasy football draft. To our surprise, there are other people out there who like to play dress up while drafting a fantasy football team. This is a apparently thing that people do, and it's a thing that they take very… » 9/12/13 12:54pm 9/12/13 12:54pm

Game Of Thrones-Themed Fantasy Draft Features Costumes, Sullen Faces

OK, that's it. There can be no more Game-of-Thrones-as-sports shenanigans. We've officially reached the tipping point, because some dude named Dennis just emailed us to let us know that he and his friends have combined fantasy football and Game of Thrones to create "League of Thrones." Costumes were involved. He sent… » 9/10/13 1:18pm 9/10/13 1:18pm