It Should Be A Crime To Hold Your Fantasy Draft This Early

Kelvin Benjamin, the Panthers’ obscenely talented sophomore receiver (and quite possibly the Panthers’ only talented receiver), will miss the entire 2015 season with a torn ACL suffered in a freak, non-contact practice injury. This is bad for Carolina, and bad for Carolina’s fans, but who cares about any of them: this… »8/20/15 10:25am

How To Run A Fantasy Football League Without Making Everyone Hate You

Because your friends are lazy and untrustworthy, you were somehow the best choice to run this year’s fantasy football league, which means you’ll set up the draft, oversee trades, handle money, and use the internet an hour or two more per week than usual. Congratulations. Now, you just have to tackle this… »8/17/15 10:21am

Tony Romo Calls The NFL Greedy For Shutting Down His Fantasy Convention

A Tony Romo-organized fantasy football convention scheduled for next month in Las Vegas was canceled after the NFL warned participating players that they’d be in violation of league rules. It sounded like a weak explanation at the time, and now Romo says the NFL was just mad it didn’t stand to make any money. »6/09/15 2:25pm

Report: NFL Called Players' Parents To Stop Fantasy Football Convention

The first-ever National Fantasy Football Convention, scheduled to take place at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas next month, has been canceled and rescheduled for 2016 in Los Angeles. The event was “organized” by Tony Romo, and other current NFL players like Rob Gronkowski, Le’Veon Bell, and DeMarco… »6/06/15 4:59pm

How To Fix Fantasy Football Scoring With Simple Advanced Stats

With only one touchdown in Week 16, Aaron Rodgers ranked 15th in fantasy points among quarterbacks during fantasy football championship week, likely costing many a Rodgers owner a fantasy title. However, Rodgers' performance was much more valuable on the real football field, where his contributions added an… »12/30/14 1:03pm