Dwyane Wade Copes With Brutal Game 5 Loss By Wearing Stupid Glasses

First it was Russell Westbrook, and now it's Dwyane Wade rocking a pair of glasses without lenses in the postgame locker room. Wade may be a fashionable man, but you can't pull off this look after you got your ass beat. LENS-FREE GLASSES ARE FOR CLOSERS. I'm not gonna go as far as Yahoo's Dan Wetzel or anyone else who… »6/06/12 11:55am6/06/12 11:55am

Isaac Redman Appears Nonplussed With The Steelers' New Retro Uniforms

The Steelers unveiled these new uniforms today, which are meant to harken back to 1934, when the team was (also) called the Pirates and society had no conception of retinas being spontaneously burned. Maybe it's not too late for the team to temporarily change its name to the Rogues and sign some insane cross-licensing… »4/17/12 9:20pm4/17/12 9:20pm

The Hockey Jersey Dress Is The Perfect Holiday Gift For A Future Ex-Girlfriend

Third String Goalie checks back in with Lise, a Hamilton lass who's made a cottage industry out of turning old NHL jerseys into dresses. You should totally buy this for your non-sports fan girlfriend, and maybe we'll run a gallery of disgusted faces and possessions thrown out onto the lawn. [Third String Goalie] »12/06/11 4:35pm12/06/11 4:35pm