Watch A Giant High School Football Player Dominate His Tiny Opponents

This is a highlight reel for Elijah Grady, a 6-foot-5, 295 lbs. senior who plays nine-man football for New Town High in New Town, N.D. Grady is technically an offensive tackle, but as you can see in this reel from, he does pretty much everything. Which is to say, if you like fat guy touchdowns, this is the… » 2/05/15 1:21pm 2/05/15 1:21pm

Seahawks Finally Get On Board With Punter-To-Tackle Field Goal Fake

Seattle finally put a dent in Green Bay's 16-0 lead with a touchdown pass—but not from Russell Wilson, and not to a Seahawks wide receiver. No, it was punter Jon Ryan finding offensive tackle Garry Gilliam in the end zone on a fake field goal. That's what we all expected, right? » 1/18/15 5:13pm 1/18/15 5:13pm

Kentucky Takes Lead On Louisville Thanks To Fat Guy Touchdown

There are many great ways to score a fat guy touchdown, but Mike Douglas doing it to take the lead against your in-state rival with bowl eligibility on the line is a pretty damn good one. » 11/29/14 3:15pm 11/29/14 3:15pm

The Rice O-Line Has The Best Touchdown Celebrations You'll Never See

What's better than a Fat Guy Touchdown? A Fat Guy Touchdown that is followed by an elaborate and hilarious touchdown celebration, of course. » 12/30/13 9:44am 12/30/13 9:44am

Fat Guy Fake Punt Hurdling Touchdown!

Kent crushed Ohio 44-13 in Athens tonight, but the highlight for all who tuned in for #MACtion was this 61-yard fake punt by Nate Terhune, a 6'4" 265 lb. defensive lineman who played up-back on the punt team and made the most of his opportunity—hurdling a Bobcat return teamer en route to the end zone. » 11/19/13 11:33pm 11/19/13 11:33pm