A Holiday Gift Guide For Dads, Who Just Want You To Shut Up

As a dad, I can tell you that what your dad really wants is just a little goddamn peace and quiet so he can read a goddamn book/watch the game/just, like, sit for five minutes without you and your sister doing whatever the hell it is you're doing that's probably going to kill at least one and maybe both of you, for… »12/04/14 3:17pm12/04/14 3:17pm


"The Talk" Is Always Ongoing—No Matter Your Age or Circumstances

Thirty-one stories over Las Vegas, I’m in the Will Smith Suite at Planet Hollywood, my iPhone pressed against a panoramic window. To the west the sun is setting over craggy red mountains; snow is evident on a farther range. Down on the Strip the lights have begun to twinkle; the fountains across the boulevard at the… »10/22/13 1:37pm10/22/13 1:37pm

Fatherhood Never Stops Grabbing You By the Balls—Even When Your Nest Turns Empty

The red second hand travels along the familiar white face of the schoolroom clock in my officetick… tick… tick… audible and inexorable, stopping so diligently at each and every hash mark before moving on to the next, the sound resonating through the gathering quiet of my solitary evening like a steady heartbeat,… »9/18/13 8:46pm9/18/13 8:46pm