You Don't Have Daddy Issues But Your Piece of Shit Father Might

Until recently, I’d never been on the website AskMen.com, I suppose largely because I never had the occasion to ask a man anything. The site’s tagline touts that it is a place where men can become better men, though on my first visit I’m already suspicious that any of my questions will be answered or that I will… » 6/21/15 1:20pm 6/21/15 1:20pm

How to Talk About Suicide on Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, as with every Father’s Day, Facebook is going to become a cascade of carefully chosen, lovingly captioned dad photos. Many will be painted over with the static of age. A “dad bod” joke or two will worm its way in. And several posts will inevitably be dedicated to those dads that have passed, who… » 6/19/15 3:30pm 6/19/15 3:30pm

Father's Day Gifts, Ranked

Hey, Father’s Day is on Sunday! Wait, you are saying, suddenly even more sweaty, confused, and anachronistic than usual—aren’t we in April? Aren’t we in April of 2013? No, we are not in April of 2013. We are in June of ... [fumbles with phone for five embarrassing minutes] oh, wow, 2015! that’s bananas! ... and… » 6/19/15 11:18am 6/19/15 11:18am

No, I Will Not Fix The Overflowing Toilet Today: The Dadspin Father's…

Father's Day is a con. Every year, I expect to have a Father Day's filled with unlimited blackjack and gunfire-scented cologne, and every year it ends up being like every other goddamn NFL-free Sunday in existence. Father's Day is supposed to be MY day, but most of the time my family abandons any pretense of me being… » 6/15/12 12:35pm 6/15/12 12:35pm

Obligatory (And Quick!) Father's Day Post

Possibly one of the most endearing father-son moments in a movie — except for maybe the scene in Space Jam when the doctor says that DNA test reveals Michael Jordan is in fact Bugs Bunny's father — is the Field of Dreams "Dad, you want to have a catch?" scene. It also marks one of the last times we cried at the end… » 6/15/08 2:26pm 6/15/08 2:26pm