Cardio And Pooping: A Chart Of Every MLB Player Who Reportedly Lost Or…

Every spring training, seemingly every other ballplayer shows up to camp and declares himself "in the best shape of my life." Our pal Craig Calcaterra over at HardballTalk has done yeoman's work on this phenomenon over the years, but we wanted to know more: Who gained weight? Who lost weight? How much? And why? » 3/08/12 2:36pm 3/08/12 2:36pm

LT's Weight Loss Spokesman Replacement Has A Little Less Star Power

Lawrence Taylor is accused of doing some Very Bad Things. That means he's not allowed to tell us how he lost 35 pounds (results not typical) on Nutrisystem. Now pinch hitting: Matt Stairs. » 5/07/10 12:30pm 5/07/10 12:30pm

University With Weight Requirements Probably Has Terrible Offensive Line

A Pennsylvania college has made BMI as important as GPA when it comes to graduating, and some soon-to-be degree-less fatties are raising a stink. » 11/22/09 1:25pm 11/22/09 1:25pm