Watch Messi Break The All-Time La Liga Scoring Record

Lionel Messi became the top scorer in La Liga history with this 72nd minute goal against Sevilla, his second of the game. It was Messi's 252nd league goal, which topped Athletic Bilbao legend Telmo Zarra's 251, who did most of his damage in the 1940s. A few minutes later Messi got his hat trick, so the new record… »11/22/14 4:02pm11/22/14 4:02pm

Ajax Beat Barcelona To Keep Their Champions League Hopes Alive

Netherlands side Ajax hosted Spanish giants FC Barcelona today in a must-win match to keep their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League knockout stage alive. AC Milan, ahead of Ajax by a single point, thumped Celtic by three goals in Group H's other match today, which meant that a loss would eliminate them from… »11/26/13 5:46pm11/26/13 5:46pm

PSG Is Threatening To Buy Lionel Messi. Wait. That Can't Happen, Right?

Soccer's the best. One of the reasons it's the best is that there are lots of leagues all over the world with lots of teams within them, and they all come together twice a year during the transfer windows to form one huge clusterfuck. Some of the richest clubs are owned by actual princes and/or oil tycoons, and there… »7/19/13 4:19pm7/19/13 4:19pm

Tito Vilanova Leaving As Barcelona Manager After Cancer Relapse

In a press conference, FC Barcelona just announced that manager Francesc "Tito" Vilanova is leaving the club. He was diagnosed with cancer of the parotid gland in 2011. He only missed 18 days then, but last year he relapsed and missed two months of his first campaign as Barcelona manager last season while undergoing… »7/19/13 3:41pm7/19/13 3:41pm

So, How Did The World's Best Soccer Team Manage Without The World's Best Player?

Barcelona traveled to Paris yesterday to take on Paris Saint-Germain in the first leg of what might be the most intriguing matchup of the Champions League quarterfinals round. PSG, bought by a group of Qatari investors last year, has quickly become one of the richest clubs in the world. This season, they bought… »4/03/13 6:50pm4/03/13 6:50pm

FC Barcelona's No Longer Ranked World's Best Club, And You Won't Believe Who Is

FC Barcelona's been struggling. In the past few weeks, they've lost to Real Madrid back-to-back, and haven't beaten their rivals since last August. They were just defeated 2-0 in the Champions League away to an undermanned AC Milan side. They've only won one game in their last four. Messi is hurting, spiritually. And… »3/09/13 12:37pm3/09/13 12:37pm

Lionel Messi Suffers Knee Injury In Meaningless Match; Run At Breaking Goals-In-A-Year Record May Be Over [UPDATE]

Lionel Messi came into today hoping to break Gerd Müller's 1972 record of 85 goals in one calendar year. Now, after suffering what appears to be a knee injury during this evening's Barcelona-Benfica match, fans are wondering if Messi will even take the pitch again in 2012. »12/05/12 4:50pm12/05/12 4:50pm

Lionel Messi Scores Breathtaking Goal On Impossible Free Kick

Real Madrid clinched the Spanish Supercopa with today's victory over Barcelona, but Lionel Messi still did something remarkably Messi-like on this free kick at the end of the first half. Be sure to watch the replay that begins at the 45-second mark to see the way Messi managed to get the ball outside the wall and… »8/29/12 7:20pm8/29/12 7:20pm

Watch All 234 Goals Leo Messi Scored To Break The Barcelona Record

It's sometimes easy to forget how good Leo Messi is. He performs extraordinary feats with such regularity they seem routine. Messi scores. Again. Messi dribbles through five defenders and scores. Again. Messi dribbles through five defenders, is hacked mercilessly, refuses to go down, dances around an onrushing… »3/21/12 1:40pm3/21/12 1:40pm

Lionel Messi Is The First To Ever Score Five Goals In A Champions League Match

Barcelona made easy work of Leverkusen in the return leg of their UEFA Champions League round of 16 series, winning 7-1 (10-2 aggregate)—but it was another night to celebrate Lionel Messi, who became the first player to ever score five goals in one Champions League match and the 11th in the history of top-level… »3/07/12 5:25pm3/07/12 5:25pm