This Wild-Ass Blocked Extra Point Will Make You Shit Your Dick

We admit that Deadspin occasionally dips into the pool of hyperbole, but take our word for it that this lateral-filled blocked extra point from Saturday's Sacramento State-Northern Colorado game will make you shit your dick. » 10/13/14 3:30pm 10/13/14 3:30pm

The FCS Ruined College Football's Shit This Week

As the college football season kicked off, a few of the scheduled FCS cupcakes chose to not play their roles. In the span of three days, six FBS teams lost to their assumed inferior opponents. » 9/01/13 10:20am 9/01/13 10:20am

You Can Now Own An FCS National Runner-Up T-Shirt

From the moment they lost the Division I Football Championship Series title game, the Bearkats of Sam Houston State have stayed positive. Now their fans can too, with the opportunity to purchase a runner-up t-shirt that somebody actually had printed, for some reason. It'll run you just $19.50, more if you need it in… » 2/01/12 12:10pm 2/01/12 12:10pm

Sam Houston State Held On To Beat Montana, But Not Without Taking Some…

Congratulations to Sam Houston State, who again proved worthy of their #1 ranking last night in beating Montana 31-28—earning the Bearkats a trip to the Division I national championship—but it was this play in which the Griz' senior defensive back Houston Roots blew up Bearkats WR Brandon Closner that made an impact… » 12/17/11 10:00am 12/17/11 10:00am