Kirk Herbstreit Scared Shitless By Zombies

Chris Fowler played a wonderful prank on Kirk Herbstreit tonight, surprising the ESPN analyst with some characters from the Eastern State Penitentiary haunted house during halftime of tonight’s Notre Dame-Temple game. It’s the first time a zombie has been on Saturday Night Football since Eminem’s appearance. »10/31/15 10:28pm10/31/15 10:28pm


The Deadspin Staff's Worst Fears Are Incredibly Weird

It’s the scariest time of the year, and so we asked the Deadspin staff to get in the spirit and share their worst fears. Most of us are afraid of normal stuff like death and Bad Internet, but it turns out that we’re all babies who are also scared of very weird, very specific things, too. Please feel free to clown us… »10/30/15 5:33pm10/30/15 5:33pm

Suburban Northern Virginians' 46 Worst Fears

Yesterday, a New York City man accidentally dropped his keys through a sidewalk subway grate, then fell to the bottom of the shaft when he tried to retrieve them, thus experiencing in short order at least two common fears of city life. In response, The Awl and Gothamist compiled lists of every New Yorker’s worst… »6/03/15 5:35pm6/03/15 5:35pm

David Cone Made A Funny As John Sterling Cowered In Fear From A Foul Ball

David Cone, sitting just one booth over from John Sterling, showed off his sense of humor when a foul ball came screaming toward their respective position during tonight's Yankees-Red Sox game. We've seen the Sterling Shake before, so we know John has a certain agility when it comes to maneuvering within a press box's… »9/11/12 10:25pm9/11/12 10:25pm