No Name Is Really Sacred To Dan Snyder

Another day, another embarrassment for the Washington Redskins. The latest public relations headache for Dan Snyder's beleaguered team? A group of activists opposed to its nickname has written to FedEx to challenge the company's continued sponsorship, USA Today reports. » 6/25/14 1:17pm 6/25/14 1:17pm

Delivery Man Fired After Camera Catches Him Flinging Package

Redskins Force Kenny Chesney Upon Season Ticket Holders

A few months ago, the Redskins marketing department began the annual, Sisyphean task of convincing people to pay money to watch their team play football eight times. Realizing that this would be a tough sell, especially to those it had tricked before, it threw in a perk: people who renewed their plans before March 1st… » 6/01/11 1:55pm 6/01/11 1:55pm

FedEx: When You Absolutely, Positively Need Your Son's Team To Play In…

Memphis, stricken by Realignment Fever, is trying to negotiate their way into a bigger conference or, failing that, find a wealthy benefactor to buy them one. Thankfully, they (and their quarterback) have an international conglomerate at their disposal. » 6/14/10 9:00pm 6/14/10 9:00pm