The Best Basketball Story Of The Year Has Nothing To Do With Jeremy Lin

This story may be a week old, but it's a good one. Cory Weissman is a senior at Gettysburg College (Division III) who hadn't stepped foot on a basketball court since suffering a stroke during an off-season workout as a freshman that left him "fully paralyzed on the left side of his body." Prior to the incident,… »2/18/12 11:00am2/18/12 11:00am

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Turned Coke Fiend Totally Helped a Meth Mom Find The Righteous Path

So, this newscaster lady introduces the story about Natalynne Walton and Hopeful Solutions as "a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader went from the limelight to a life on cocaine." Hmm. Dallas Cowboys. Cocaine. Cocaine Cowboys. Documentary. By Billy Corben. Who's also doing a doc on ecstasy. Called Limelight. Shenanigans? »7/03/11 4:00pm7/03/11 4:00pm