Even The Cleanest Person's Feet Are Hella Dirty

My guest this week on the official Ask a Clean Person podcast is Meredith Haggerty, the Reports Editor (and my editor!) at Racked National, who joined me to talk all about summertime foot- and shoe-care woes. You know the ones: smelly feet, soaked shoes, heels that sink into wet lawns at weddings, etc.
» 6/22/15 2:48pm 6/22/15 2:48pm

Do Not Be Ashamed of Your Nasty-Ass Feet

It's summertime ladies, so the magazines and lifestyle sections are going to have a slew of reminders about making sure your feet are up to code. You know: Exfoliated. Moisturized. Pedicured. Properly covered. Like a reminder to adjust the clock or check your smoke detectors, apparently you need a media-wide nudge to… » 7/09/13 4:20pm 7/09/13 4:20pm