Felix Hernandez's Wife Victim Of Wire Fraud; Fellow M's Wife Charged

Maria Peguero, the wife of Mariners outfielder Carlos Peguero, is accused of using Felix Hernandez's wife's debit card to rack up nearly $180,000 in online charges. Peguero allegedly used Sandra Hernandez's card to make over 60 purchases from Sak's Fifth Avenue between June and October 2012. She faces federal… »10/19/13 6:24pm10/19/13 6:24pm

Felix Hernandez's Contract Extension May Fall Through Because Of An "Elbow Issue"

On Thursday it was reported that the Mariners and staff ace Felix Hernandez had agreed to seven-year, $175 million contract, the signing of which was a mere formality to be completed by spring training. Apparently the source speaking on condition of anonymity because the contract is not official has finally fulfilled… »2/10/13 4:13pm2/10/13 4:13pm

The Mariners' Double-A Team, Including Felix Hernandez's Brother, Went Nutso When Felix Finished His Perfect Game

Batting practice for the Jackson (Tenn.) Generals ground to a halt yesterday afternoon, as Felix Hernandez closed in on his first career perfecto. The end of the game was played on the scoreboard, and the Mariners' AA affiliate gathered in left field to watch the final few pitches. When Sean Rodriguez went down… »8/16/12 1:25pm8/16/12 1:25pm

Here's What The Scorecard From Felix Hernandez's Perfect Game Looks Like

Dave Sims, who called a fantastic game today for Root Sports, fully embracing the fact that Felix Hernandez was on his way to history and eschewing any ridiculous notions of superstition during the telecast, just posted a photo of his scorecard, and it's astonishing to see. The three boxes (and no more, ever)… »8/15/12 9:50pm8/15/12 9:50pm

Felix Hernandez Just Threw A Perfect Game Against The Rays

On Monday, our man Tom Ley wrote about Felix Hernandez, the big-game pitcher who's been deprived of big games because he plays in Seattle. "No one calls him clutch," he wrote, "because his teams have been too wretched to give him even a chance at being clutch. But clutch isn't always about rising to the occasion.… »8/15/12 6:18pm8/15/12 6:18pm

Felix Hernandez, The Big-Game Pitcher Who's Never Pitched In A Big Game

Since his first full season in 2006, Felix Hernandez has been one of baseball's best pitchers. He's accumulated 34.5 fWAR, which puts him behind only Justin Verlander, C.C. Sabathia, and Roy Halladay. You can also find Hernandez's name near the top of the list in most every other meaningful statistical category, where… »8/13/12 4:00pm8/13/12 4:00pm

Felix Hernandez And Adrian Beltre Spent Last Night's Game Talking Trash

Hernandez and Beltre were teammates in Seattle for five years, and became fast friends. So from the moment Beltre ran to first after a seeing-eye single in the second, to when he was retired on a flyout in the sixth, the two did nothing but jaw at each other good-naturedly. See? It’s just a game! Mariners won, 6-1.… »5/22/12 1:50pm5/22/12 1:50pm

Guess Which City Is Having A Pearl Jam Bobblehead Night?

The Seattle Mariners are hosting the Rays on Friday evening, and because they already had a bobblehead night for Felix Hernandez, they have no choice but to start honoring local grunge rockers. Friday night is Mike McCready night at Safeco Field, which also happens to overlap with a benefit night for the Crohn's &… »6/02/11 2:00pm6/02/11 2:00pm

Behold The Awesome Offensive Power Of American League Pitchers

Ha! Take that Hank Steinbrenner, you big dolt. Pitchers shouldn't hit? Felix Hernandez hit the first grand slam by an American League pitcher in 37 years, leading the Mariners over the Mets 5-2 on Monday night. Hernandez did get hurt; but not running the bases, as Steinbrenner imagines in his sweaty night terrors. He… »6/24/08 10:42am6/24/08 10:42am

Felix Hernandez Informed By Internet That He Has Other Pitches Besides Fastball

All right, I initially highlighted the mischievousness of sports blogs to preface you all with some of the goodness sportsbloggery can achieve in life. The blog U.S.S. Mariner wrote an open letter to Seattle Mariners pitching coach Rafael Chavez, wherein he mentions how Felix Hernandez throws way too many fastballs, a… »7/08/07 3:45pm7/08/07 3:45pm