Here's What The Scorecard From Felix Hernandez's Perfect Game Looks Like

Dave Sims, who called a fantastic game today for Root Sports, fully embracing the fact that Felix Hernandez was on his way to history and eschewing any ridiculous notions of superstition during the telecast, just posted a photo of his scorecard, and it's astonishing to see. The three boxes (and no more, ever)… »8/15/12 9:50pm8/15/12 9:50pm


Felix Hernandez Just Threw A Perfect Game Against The Rays

On Monday, our man Tom Ley wrote about Felix Hernandez, the big-game pitcher who's been deprived of big games because he plays in Seattle. "No one calls him clutch," he wrote, "because his teams have been too wretched to give him even a chance at being clutch. But clutch isn't always about rising to the occasion.… »8/15/12 6:18pm8/15/12 6:18pm