Félix Pié Was "Covered In Beer" After Near-Fight With Fans

With all the other news going on this week, we missed the fallout from the Pirates' minor league dustup on Tuesday, the one that found outfielder Félix Pié—and possibly other players—trying to climb into the stands to fight fans in Toledo. A reader who was there has contacted us with more specifics. » 4/19/13 4:48pm 4/19/13 4:48pm

Minor Leaguer Reportedly Tried To Climb Into Stands To Fight Fan

Details are still scarce and even a bit contradictory, but according to reports, fans in Toledo angered one or more Indianapolis Indians players last night by throwing things at them, and that at one point former major leaguer Félix Pié attempted to climb over a railing to go after people before being restrained by… » 4/17/13 3:40pm 4/17/13 3:40pm