The Controversial Olympic Fencing Semifinal, Recreated Using Legos

Yesterday, we showed you the bizarre aftermath of the women's individual épée semifinal, which was won by Germany's Britta Heidemann after a timing error put another second on the clock and allowed Heidemann to score a decisive touch on South Korea's Shin A Lam. Shin then proceeded to remain on the piste for more than an … » 7/31/12 10:45am 7/31/12 10:45am

A South Korean Fencer Is Refusing To Leave The Piste After Being…

A timing error in the last second of the bout led to a 20-minute delay and a controversial decision in the women's individual épée semifinal today between South Korean Shin A Lam and German Britta Heidemann, one that has the Korean refusing to leave the piste. » 7/30/12 2:44pm 7/30/12 2:44pm

This Italian Fencer's Celebration After Winning A Semifinal Is Fantastic

Diego Occhiuzzi's chances at a sabre medal in London were slim—the Italian fencer came into the competition as a 14 seed. So we don't blame him for this awesome freakout after his semifinal win over Romanian Rares Dumitrescu. In a bracketed event, after all, winning a semi is the only way to guarantee a medal (though… » 7/29/12 5:45pm 7/29/12 5:45pm

Olympic Gold Medalist Resigns As President Of Hungary For Plagiarizing …

Pál Schmitt won gold medals in fencing at the 1968 and 1972 Olympics, and in 1992 wrote his doctoral dissertation on the Modern Olympiad. He stepped down as President today, after his alma mater stripped him of his degree after it came to light that he had plagiarized more than 90 percent of his dissertation. And if… » 4/02/12 3:10pm 4/02/12 3:10pm

St. John's Also Excited About Ambiguous Weather-Based Mascot

Our college sports teams are rocketing into the 21st Century on a wave of aggressive, overcaffeinated, lightning-themed spirit creatures. Why is that bird looking at me like that? Is he smiling or mad? Get out of my soul, winged devil! » 9/22/09 5:30pm 9/22/09 5:30pm