Fenerbahçe Get Four Players Sent Off, Ruin Their Süper Lig Hopes

Fenerbahçe needed a win today at Istanbul Basaksehir to keep their hopes alive of beating rival Galatasaray for the Turkish Süper Lig title. Instead, they earned four red cards and managed a 2-2 draw with only seven players left on the pitch. One of those reds came from a substitute, Pierre Webo, who delivered some… »5/25/15 5:58pm5/25/15 5:58pm


Galatasaray To Protest Racism Against Drogba By Wearing Blackface

Galatasaray's Didier Drogba faced your typical Euro-flavor of racism during this past weekend's derby match against Fenerbahce: monkey noises, bananas on the pitch, et cetera. In response, Drogba's teammates are pledging to wear blackface in their next match as a token of solidarity toward him and fellow players of… »5/15/13 1:45pm5/15/13 1:45pm

Turkish Soccer Fans, Banned From Stadium, Manage To Launch Flares Onto Pitch Anyway

Istanbul club Fenerbahçe's Europa League match last Thursday was a sight to behold. The game was played in an empty stadium as punishment for a December match in which fans hurled fireworks onto the pitch, so the team set up a large viewing screen outside. Fans launched dozens of flares attached to small parachutes… »2/27/13 5:25pm2/27/13 5:25pm

How Soccer Fans Thank Their Team In The Middle Of A Match-Fixing Scandal

Turkish champions Fenerbahçe are embroiled in a huge match-fixing scandal that could see their team stripped of their title and relegated. Hours before yesterday's friendly with Ukranian side Shakhtar Donetsk, club chairman Aziz Yıldırım (who currently sits in jail) announced he would resign. So it's not a huge… »7/22/11 4:40pm7/22/11 4:40pm