Pujols, Trout Mock Fernando Rodney's "Arrow" Celebration

There's nothing more frustrating than an opposing closer being demonstrative about doing his job. Say, Fernando Rodney getting the third out, then miming pulling an arrow out of his quiver, nocking it, and firing. Infuriating, if it's against you. Yesterday, the Angels got the very best possible revenge. » 7/21/14 8:58am 7/21/14 8:58am

The Red Sox Game Ended With A Magical Elastic Strike Zone

With runners on first and second with two outs, and the Rays up one in today's Patriots' Day morning start at Fenway, it came down to Fernando Rodney and Cody Ross. Rodney threw five straight balls outside, except three of them weren't strictly balls, since home plate ump Larry Vanover called them strikes. » 4/16/12 3:15pm 4/16/12 3:15pm